I am Director of Photography. My name is Steve Walker

I am an active member of the Netherlands Society Of Cinematographers.

I received my Degree in Film and Photography at Nottingham University.

Since 1990 I’ve lived in Amsterdam where I have built up a broad ranging career both in Holland and internationally.

My work has taken me all over the world and I’ve been lucky to make some great colleagues and friends and build a diverse showreel of work in many different areas of the film business.

I guess I love Drama productions the most but I enjoy the short and intense creative adventures in commercial productions as well.
These days I have been able to also apply my skills to art, internet and corporate films.

These are exciting times for content makers and visual storytellers.

My work with acclaimed photographer Erwin Olaf has given me the opportunity to create alternative, creative and exceptionally stylistic films which has been an exciting experience.

I guess I like to visually tell stories in one of two ways, with an eye for style or with an eye for reality.
Sometimes I can combine these two approaches and then it gets really interesting.
Perhaps these two extremes are just reflections of the objective and subjective ways we see depending on how we feel towards something or someone.

Recently I have also begun teaching and have taken the position of Head of Camera at the Amsterdam Film School.
It’s a great challenge to share my knowledge and experience with a new generation of would be film makers and it has also helped me analyze and understand my own intuitive process better.

I guess I’m not really happy unless I’m creating, whether it’s in my head, with a pocket camera or in a note book or on the set.
That’s why I’m always open to making low and no budget films which say something I believe in or perhaps just that they can make people laugh for a while.

I guess good films do one of two things, they help share the load or they help lighten the load.
The load being the issues and obstacles we all are faced with on our journey through life.

Costa Del Sol for example is a film which in highlighting a real and heavy burden also shares that problem and in so doing raises awareness and perhaps empathy.

I believe there will always be a need for visual storytellers especially as visual platforms increase and content becomes ever more apparent in our societies.
I hope that content is thoughtful and relevant and that it will bring more awareness and wellness into our lives.

Steve Walker NSC

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